CETAL-PW Laboratory


The CETAL-PW team is aimed to explore the scientific frontiers of laser-matter interaction at ultra-intense regime and to push forward the future technologies of aerospace, nuclear engineering, or medical therapies.

Research topics
The research activity of the CETAL-PW laboratory is focused on the interaction of ultra-short high-intensity lasers with matter and its aplications: plasma physics and diagnostics, production of sources of energetic particles and radiation and their applications in different scientific fields (medicine, chemistry, space science).
CETAL-PW laser infrastructure
The laboratory is equipped with a state-of-the art 1 Petawatt laser system built on Ti:Sapphire technology. The laser beam is transported in vacuum to a large target chamber (2.9x1.7x1.5 m3) placed in a bunker having 1.5 m thick walls. More info...


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