Optical Frequency Synthesizer

Model: FC1500-250

Contact Person: Florin JIPA
Email: florin.jipa@inflpr.ro@inflpr.ro
Tel: +4021 457 4550/ ext. 2432

Location: CETAL – Room S06
Financing project: CETAL 8PM /I 26.11.2008

Optical Frequency Synthesizer


The basic opto-mechanical setup of the FC1500 optical frequency synthesizer consists of the fiber laser head, an amplifier head containing the M-Phase EDFA with subsequent spectral broadening for generating the octave-spanning supercontinuum and the fully fibercoupled nonlinear interferometer for detection of the carrier envelope offset beat frequency.
Two phase locked loops for locking the repetition rate and offset frequency to an RF standard transfer the accuracy and stability between the radio frequency and the optical domain and are part of the electronics. Frequency counters without dead time are used to measure beat signals with CW lasers and to control the phase locked loops for cycle slips. An oscilloscope and spectrum analyzers are also included for monitoring purposes.


  • M-Comb Laser head
  • P250-XPS-WG Amplifier for offset beat generation
  • P250-SHG Amplifier for second harmonic generation 780 nm
  • TC-1550 Control unit for laser head
  • AC-1550 Control unit for amplifier
  • PCF red - spectral broadening in VIS 650 nm
  • PCF red - spectral broadening in VIS 986 nm
  • P250-HMP 1820 - amplifier for high power 1820 nm
  • SHG 910 - second harmonic generation 910 nm
  • SHG 455 - second harmonic generation 455 nm

Technical parameters

  • Repetition rate 250 MHz
  • Tuning range linear stage > 2 MHz
  • Tuning rate piezo 3500 Hz
  • Tuning range for offset frequency >300 MHz
  • Beat note SNR >32 dB
  • Different Optical output power (ex. Output AB > 18 mW; measured 35 mW by SC/APC coupling, Output K1 up to 500mW with FC/APC coupling)
  • Different Optical output power freespace (ex. Output H>150 mW (measured 360 mW))


  • Metrology
  • Optical clocks
  • Calibration of lasers