LaMP | Services for industry

Our goals are:

  • to provide cutting-edge laser technologies for materials processing
  • to apply the relevant research results and the newest technological developments in the industrial sector. To fasten this process, we provide for the industrial entities an open access to our facilities, our research, and technologies.

  • Laser drilling and cutting of metals

    Industrial lasers are commonly used in materials processing such as cutting or drilling of metals. We develop laser cutting and drilling of metallic parts (aluminium, carbon-steel, stainless steel, Ti6Al4V etc.) of various thicknesses. More info...

    3D Laser Lithography

    Two photon photopolymerization effects in UV curable photoresist is enabling laser 3D printing at sub-micrometer resolution. By focusing a femtosecond laser in materials transparent to near infrared we produce microstructures with various functionalities. More info...

    Customized equipment for laser processing

    The lasers are more and more used in technological processing steps replacing the traditional tools. We provide solutions for integration of laser processing systems in your business. More info...