PW laser system

Contact persons:

Mihai Serbanescu (

Control Command System:
Aurelian Marcu (

Alexandru Achim (

The CETAL-PW Laser system is a  multistage amplifiers designed to amplify ultra short pulses with  the gain  about 10  and repetition rate by 10Hz for TW output and 0.1Hz for PW output.

The amplification is based on the so-called "Chirped Pulse Amplification" scheme and consists of a special pulse stretcher, a regenerative amplifier pumped by a Nd:YAG laser (the second harmonic) depending on the repetition rate, several multipass amplifiers depending on the requested output pulse energy and a pulse compressor.

The laser pulses are guided in vacuum (10-6 mbar) to the reaction chamber by a 26 m long transport line using 5 plane fully motorized mirrors. Reaction chamber is a 6 m3 aluminium box  with a a 1.3 x 2.5 m optical breadboard and two pomping system working at 10-6 mbar vacuum.

Specifications for PW laser:

- PW output specification:
    Peak power ≥ 1 PW
    Pulse duration < 25 fs
    Repetition rate 0,1Hz
    Ps pre-pulse contrast 1010 @ 100ps  

- TW output specification:
    Peak power ≥ 45 TW
    Pulse duration < 25 fs
    Repetition rate 10Hz
    Ps pre-pulse contrast 1010 @ 100ps

Key Features of CETAL PW Laser:

- Peak power output: 1PW / 45TW
- Ultrashort pulses, aproximately 25 fs
- Spectral broadening by using XPW filter in the Front End
- Shaping the spectral phase and amplitude with an Acousto Optic Programmable Dispersion Filter (AOPDF) DAZZLER
- High intensity ps contrast, > 1010 @100 ps
- Improvement of picosecond pre pulse intensity contrast by use of XPW filter
- High Strehl Ratio, more than 0.75.
- Wavefront control using adaptive optic

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